Grade 11 Pascal Programming Essay Sinhala
pascal programming

Download Grade 11  Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Pascal Programming Essay Paper in Sinhala medium. You can download the “Pascal Programming” PDF file from the link below. It’s free to download.

The Question Paper Covers The Following Points.
  1. Analyzes the problem.
  2. Uses control structures in developing algorithms to solve problems.
  3. Uses different tools to present algorithms.
  4. Uses data types in programming.
  5. Uses operators in programming.
  6. Develops programs involving selection control structure.
  7. Develops programs involving basic iterations.
  8. Develops programs with nested control structures.
  9. Develops programs using one dimensional arrays.
  10. Structures programs through the use of sub-programs.
  11. Explores the evolution of programming languages.
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