Operating System

Grade 10 Operating System MCQ Sinhala
Grade 10 Operating System

Download Grade 10 Operating System MCQ Paper in Sinhala medium. You can download the Operating System PDF file from the link below. It’s free to download.

  • Information & Communication Technology | Grade 10

  • Lesson N0 05 - Operating System

  • 2016 to 2022 MCQ With Answers

The Question Paper Covers The Following Points.
Explores operating systems by type, functions, benefits and concerns.
  1. Introduction to Operating System
  2. Evolution of computer/human interface
  3. Types of operating systems: single user, multi user, multi tasking, real time, distributed
  4. Functions of the Operating System: user interface and resource management
Handles files and folders in Operating Systems.
  1. Introduction to the files system
    • Drives
    • Folders
    • Files and file extensions
    • File and folder operations

Grade 10 ICT Syllabus

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