Logic Gate MCQ

Grade 10 Logic Gates MCQ Sinhala
Grade 10 Logic Gates

Download Grade 10  Information & Communication Technology (ICT)  Logic Gates MCQ Paper in Sinhala medium. You can download the Grade 10 Logic Gates PDF file from the link below. It’s free to download.

  • Information & Communication Technology | Grade 10

  • Lesson N0 04 - Logic Gates

  • 2016 to 2022 MCQ With Answers

The Question Paper Covers The Following Points.
Identifies basic logic operators and draws truth tables to illustrate their functions
  1. Operators: AND, OR, NOR, NAND,NOT
  2. Introduction to Truth Tables (maximum of three inputs)
Applies concepts of Boolean logic to find solutions to simple day-to-day life problems.
  1. Draws block diagrams of systems using Boolean logic
  2. Draws block diagrams to represent solutions to simple problems involving Boolean logic
  3. Converts block diagrams into logic diagrams
Grade 10 ICT Syllabus
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