Computer Hardware Essay

Grade 10 Computer Hardware Essay Sinhala
Grade 10 Computer Hardware

Download Grade 10  Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Computer Hardware Essay Paper in Sinhala medium. You can download the Grade 10 Computer Hardware PDF file from the link below. It’s free to Download.

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  • Lesson N0 02 - Computer Hardware

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The Question Paper Covers The Following Points.
Classifies computers using a variety of methods.
  1. Computer classifications
Explores computer systems by function.
  1. Functions of a computer and its peripherals
Identifies and connects basic peripherals to the computer.
  1. Basic computer components: keyboard, mouse, system unit and monitor
  2. Ports
Uses the basic block diagram to demonstrate the computer system
  1. ALU and Control Unit
  2. Flow path
Investigates benefits and concerns of computer networks for optimal communication.
  1. Purpose of computer networks
  2. Components of a network
  3. Network operating system
  4. Types of computer networks
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of networks
Grade 10 ICT Syllabus
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