Grade 10 Database Essay Sinhala
Grade 10 database

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  • Lesson No 09 | Grade 10 Database

  • 2016 to 2022 Essay with Answers

The Question Paper Covers The Following Points.
Explores the Concept of Database
  1. Introduction to databases
  2. Definition of a database
  3. Advantages of databases
  4. Features of databases: Absence of redundancy, Efficiency, Accuracy, Consistency, Security, Validity, Simplicity, integrity
  5. Manual and electronic databases:
  6. comparison and contrast
  7. Introduction to Relational Databases: Tables, records, fields, key fields
Creates a simple database with a single table, manually
  1. Field name, unique field, data types, field size
Converts a manual database into electronic media.
  1. Field name, unique field, data types, field size
Design a simple relational database
  1. Tables, fields and key fields: Primary key, foreign key, relationships
Uses DBMS software to create relational databases
  1. Creation of a database
  2. Identification of primary and foreign key
  3. Creation of relationship between tables
Uses forms to view and update data
  1. Form design
  2. Manipulation of properties of a form
  3. Insertion of controls: Delete button
Creates Queries to extract information
  1. Design of queries using query tool without using SQL structure
  2. Use of criteria
  3. Sorting of records
Creates reports to present information
  1. Use of report Wizard
  2. Printing of reports
Grade 10 ICT Syllabus
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